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A Marathon Against Hunger

Push the Cart

A community marathon against hunger

18th of January, 2011 UPDATE!
I am going to Rowe's IGA to pick up the cart in order to have graphics applied to it by Jaguar Signs & Graphics. First Coast News is covering that and will be running a story. I STILL need to find some participants to join us...

Link to participate or pledge/sponsor/donate

10th January: The event and why we need you:
This is an update and request and invitation to participate in, or sponsor or support, an event designed to both raise money and awareness concerning hunger and the needs of the food distribution services in NorthEast Florida.
The event will be held on a Saturday January 29th, 2011 starting at 7 am and will consist of pushing an empty shopping cart a total of 26 miles and 385 yards through Jacksonville to symbolize hunger. There are roughly 13 two mile legs which will take about one hour each and I am seeking 12 other caring souls to commit to a leg of the journey. At 2 miles an hour average it should take about 12-14 hours to complete.
This event was inspired by the collaboration of a food bank and a radio station in Western Massachusetts which rose over $15,000. (go to WRSI.COM and search "Monte's March")
I would do the entire distance myself if not for a torn ACL for which I will be undergoing surgery in the very near future. Our fellow citizens need our help and I need yours to get this done. I need to do this before I undergo surgery because after it I will have to wait three months to heal. For me it will undoubtedly be painful, so what I am asking of you is much less than I am willing to do myself.
I am seeking private citizens and corporate sponsors to pledge an amount per mile, and am suggesting $10 to $100 per mile for business and corporate sponsors and $1 per mile for private citizens, but these affordable amounts are merely suggestions. I will also be seeking people willing to work on this even with me as well. Proceeds will be donated to agencies listed on the Fight Hunger website. I hope also to have the involvement of area supermarkets, who will be asked to provide an empty cart at store locations and assist in raising public awareness to this need and event.
If you or your agency, organization, or company has the will to assist or participate, please contact me as soon as possible. Will you help me push the cart?
Links are posted for the participation/pledge/sponsorship forms.

Thank You!

Skot David Wilson
6724 Cherbourg Avenue South
Jacksonville, Florida 32205
(904) 781-8635

(I am looking for those willing to commit to push the cart two miles, and for sponsors; and I am also looking for those who will help promote this and give logistical support)

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